Welcome to the Max-O-Verse!

You've found it... the new home of the Max Headroom project.

Actually, what you've found is a construction site on which a new Max Headroom project page is being built. For a lot of reasons, I decided to bore a few holes in the construction fence so that loyal friends of Max (and the project) can watch and explore as the construction commences.

The old site will remain in place until it's been sucked dry of data, so you are free to explore there, too, if you haven't gotten bored with it over its years of no-change.

I am excited to be moving forward with not just the Max Headroom chronicles, which was the online portion you've seen on the old web site, but with the entire underlying Max project. This new platform will let me put scads of information up that was too complex or too tedious to put in the old HTML site. One of the things that slowly dragged the former presentation to a halt was that I was, in essence, building a wiki one line of HTML code at a time. Every change and addition needed laborious duplication of the link and then tedious verification. Obviously, that was not the way to do it.

The delay caused by other matters had the benefit of letting software catch up with my needs. This multi-faceted platform will let me build the infobanks (pardon me, wi-wiki) as well as maintain a forum, a blog, a library of articles and essays, and a filing system for images and other binary bittery. And do it easily - the mechanical drudgery is now the least part of the effort.

An update: I think I have everything in place for vi-vi-visitors. You may now register and log in as a user of the site. It may be erratic for a time, but I hope you'll register, bookmark the site and stay-stay tuned!

Welcome to - or welcome back to - the Max Headroom project!

PS - amuse yourself by imagining Max saying "wiki"...