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Eventually, this page will list recent changes and updates to the site. In these early days when the list of changes would need, well, its own wiki, this page will hold a meta-discussion about what's happening here, where various parts of the site development are going, and what's planned for currently unfinished areas.

1. Site Content

The current focus is on getting all of the pages of the old site replicated here, with updates and added material as it's conveniently at hand. I am trying to put 9 out of every 10 hours into nothing but content addition, with basic formatting.

2. Site Organization

The current site organization and navigation is temporary and subject to revision as the infobanks get closer to completion. I want to make it easy to browse and connect from one item to other relevant ones, but without linking every keyword in every paragraph - that gets distracting and counter-productive.

Rather than get lost in careful adjustments of the organization, nav and links, I am putting my efforts into getting the content here, with new and validated additions as I have time to include them, and letting the order stay a bit rough around the edges. Once every major page is in place, I will refine the structure so that the site has a natural, organic connection and cross-reference strategy.

3. Site Design

This site in no way resembles what I envision for the final look. The MediaWiki platform allows some style and design changes at a simple level, but resists the major reskinning that, say, WordPress has come to permit. So I am tinkering a little with the basic big-wiki look as I go, but expect to drop in one day and see a dramatic change - something, I hope, much like the old site but adapted to a modern platform and perhaps a little less aggressively retro. M-Max look... but not Max era.