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Thanks for visiting the Max Headroom Chronicles, the public portal of the Max Headroom Project.

I am always interested in hearing from fans, admirers, the curious and anyone interested in the strange and wonderful phenomenon that is Max Headroom. I am particularly happy to help researchers and, here in Max's 30th anniversary year, writers, reporters and other media representatives.

Drop me a note any time.

  • BigTimeTV (at) MaxHeadroom.com
    “Blank James” Gifford
    The Max Headroom Project
    (Eastern Connecticut... and can't you hear Max stuttering over that one!)

PLEASE NOTE: I am not Max Headroom, Matt Frewer or any of the original creative team that brought Max to life. I have only a nodding acquaintance with the current rights holders, and no power to grant permissions or usage rights of any kind. I can't get Max for your event or project.

If you're looking for rights or permissions, start here. Do know, though, that the rights owner has not been found to be particularly accommodating to usage requests. I don't know of any "small" entity that's asked for permission to use Max material and received it. For that matter, I don't know of any large producer or would-be user that has, either. The rights to Max IP seem to be too valuable to assign casually, but too small for the media conglomerate to want to bother with. It's frustrating, and I hope someone comes along soon with the right combination of project, funding and legal persistence to bring Max back to the world. God knows we need him.

I will be happy to help fans, researchers and admirers as much as I can with anything Max-related, but in the end, I'm the Zaphod Beeblebrox of the Max universe: I'm just ziss guy, you know?