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In a rather delightful turn of events, I have recently discovered that what seemed to be a few loose ends of Max Headroom in German pop culture turn out to have been a significant aftershock to the US/UK Max era.

German Novelizations (1989)

I have just discovered that a series of Max Headroom books were published in German in 1989. I have not finished tracking them down or translating the available descriptions, but they seem to be novelizations of early episodes. There appears to be four in the series, all by German sf author and comics writer Hajo Breuen, who died just last year. The four titles I have located so far include are all subtitled Das Buch zur Fernsehserie - "The Book of the Television Series" - and "Die Neue Kultfigur - "The New Cult Figure."

  • Max Headroom. Tödliche Spots. Band 1.
    "Max Headroom: Deadly Spots. Volume 1."
This appears to be a novelization of the telefilm or ABC pilot, "deadly spots" being the closest German translation of "blipverts."
  • Max Headroom. Menschenjagd. Band 2.
    "Max Headroom: Manhunt. Volume 2."
It's hard to say which episode this might represent.
  • Max Headroom. Die Gesetzlosen. Band 3.
    "Max Headroom: The Outlaws. Volume 3."
Almost certainly "The Blanks." The term translates as "the lawless," implying both those who are outlaw/criminals and those who live without laws. Good word choice.
  • Max Headroom. Die falsche Göttin. Band 4.
    "Max Headroom: The False Goddess. Volume 4."
Has to be "Deities."

Details to come when I can lay hands on the books or a German fan comes along...

There's a really freaky little personal connection here. The author, Hajo Breuen, was born in Dusseldorf and died (somewhat young, at just under 60) in nearby Munchen-Gladbach. I've visited Germany once, flying in to Dusseldorf to spend a few days with a client in... Munchen-Gladbach.

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