Episode ABC.1.5: "War"

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Max Headroom: Episode ABC.1.5
Title "War"
Production No. 1.4
UK Air Date NA?
US Air Date 28 Apr 1987
Length 48 minutes
Creative Written by Martin Pasko, Rebecca Parr, Michael Cassutt, Steve Roberts

Directed by Thomas J. Wright

Edited by Philip J. Sgriccia

Watch for... The gun-camera, with clip.

The hard-case woman police chief.

Theora sniffing a rose. Who's it from?

A look at what might be the show's own miniature-city FX department.

The second and last of Max's really vicious commercial lead-ins.

Crew Series Crew, Season 1
Actor Role
Main Cast
Matt Frewer Edison Carter

Max Headroom

Amanda Pays Theora Jones
George Coe Ben Cheviot
Chris Young Bryce Lynch
Jeffrey Tambor Murray
Guest Starring
Gary Swanson Frank Braddock
Virginia Kiser Miss Julia Formby
Hank Garrett Gene Ashwell
Lee Wilkof Edwards
Richard Lineback Hewett
Robert O'Reilly Croyd Hauser
Lisa Niemi Janie Crane
J. Michael Flynn Lucian
Arsenio "Sonny" Trinidad Ped Xing
Ricardo Gutiérrez Martinez
Tom Miller  ?
Michael Colin Ward  ?
Randall Caldwell  ?
Yana Nirvana Police Chief
Spencer Allan  ?
Unknown Cast
 ? Security Systems Ad Announcer
 ? Breakthru TV Anchor
 ? Breakthru TV Reporter
 ? Gwynn (Riot Cop)
 ? Phil (Equipment Guy)
* Tentative role match.

The fifth episode of the ABC series established that we'll still be blowing things up in the future.


Opening Credits

This episode uses the final version of the first-season opening credits, with both score and dialogue.

Subliminal Credits

This episode has undetermined credits in the Zik-Zak montage.

Quotes & Caps