Episode ABC.2.6: "Neurostim"

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Max Headroom: Episode ABC.2.6
Title "Neurostim"
Production No. 2.6
UK Air Date NA?
US Air Date 28 Apr 1988
Length 48 minutes
Creative Written by Arthur Sellers and Michael Cassutt

Directed by Maurice Phillips

Edited by Dennis C. Vejar

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Crew Series Crew, Season 2
Actor Role
Main Cast
Matt Frewer as Edison Carter /

Max Headroom

Amanda Pays Theora Jones
George Coe Ben Cheviot
Chris Young Bryce Lynch
W. Morgan Sheppard Blank Reg
and Jeffrey Tambor Murray
Guest Starring
Sab Shimono
Hank Garrett Gene Ashwell
Lee Wilkof Edwards
Sharon Barr Lauren
Jim Piddock
Evan Kim
Jacque Lynn Colton
Edward Wiley
Michael Margotta
Martin Azarow
Billy Beck
Roger Hampton
Michael Strasser
Joan Severance
Julie McCullough
Tom Dugan
Michael Dobo
Frank Kahlil Wheaton
Saida Pagan
Unknown Cast
* Tentative role match, pending confirmation.

Unknown roles represent credited cast members with no certain matching role.

Unknown cast represent roles with unknown, possibly uncredited actors.

The sixth episode made for the second ABC series season was shown as late-season filler, after being screened at the untimely show wrap party.

The complete episode, from original broadcast masters, is available on the Shout! Factory DVD set.


20 minutes into the future, we fade into a commercial for the new Neurostim product, and witness a woman engaging her Neurostim bracelet for a realistic fantasy experience.

Notes & Commentary

Opening Credits

This episode uses the standard second-season opening credits.

Subliminal Credits

This episode has no subliminal credits in the Zik-Zak montage.

Quotes & Caps

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