Episode CH4.0.1: The Origin Telefilm

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The entire Max Headroom saga began with a one-hour telefilm made for Channel Four.

Title Max Headroom

Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future

Max Headroom: The Original Story

Episode Number
Production Number
UK Air Date
US Air Date
Length 57 minutes
Creative Screenplay by Steve Roberts

From an original idea by George Stone, Rocky Morton & Annabel Jankel

Directed by Rocky Morton & Annabel Jankel

Edited by Michael Bradsell

Watch for... The computer map locating the city as London, England.

"Securikams" - changed to Securicams in the US remake.

Apartment 42 and Channel 42.

Carter's sexual harassment line.

Bryce using his computer while in the bathtub - a safety no-no-no that was corrected in the US remake.

Bryce correctly pronouncing "data."

Breugal quoting Shakespeare.

Theora parking in her bedroom.

No mobile phones...?

A final Max Headroom sign.

An early example of a post-credits scene.

Actor Role
Matt Frewer Edison Carter

Max Headroom

Nickolas Grace Grossman

Amanda Pays

Theora Jones

William Morgan Sheppard

Blank Reg

Hilary Tindall


Paul Spurrier

Bryce Lynch

Hilton McRae


George Rossi


Roger Sloman


Anthony Dutton


Constantine Gregory

Ben Cheviot

Lloyd McGuire


Elizabeth Richardson

Ms. Formby

Gary Hope

[Gene] Ashwell

Joane Hall

Body Bank Receptionist (Florence)

Howard Samuels

Patrick (ENG reporter)

Roger Tebb

Helipad Reporter

Val McLane


Michael Cule

Exploding Viewer


Other Board Member (Female)


Other Board Member (Male)