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Episode CH4.1.1
Title The Max Headroom Show
UK Air Date  ? Apr 1985
US Air Date 30 Oct 1986?
Length  ?? minutes
Guests Sting
Crew Talk Show Crew

The first Max Headroom talk show featured Sting and, of course, the beginnings of the running jokes about golf.

Videos & Segments

Video listing not yet verified

  • Jean-Michel Jarre: "Zoolook"
  • King Kurt: "Designation Zululand"
  • Japan: "Visions of China"
  • Cabaret Voltaire: "Sensoria"
  • Patrick McNee & Honor Blackman: "Kinky Boots" (see below)
  • Sting: "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free"
  • Max and his guest Sting talk about:
    • His new, solo album The Dream of the Blue Turtles
    • Golf
    • Jazz (Max yawns)
    • Shoes - brown, not black (begins with strange video insert of Max riffs)
    • Getting political in songs
    • Being 33
    • Playing his songs in foreign countries where they might not understand the lyrics (like America)
    • Size 7.5 shoes (begins with B&W film clip set to song "Kinky Boots")
    • Mark Knopfler (Sting sasses Max)
    • Sandals ("Christ figure" joke)
    • The film The Bride
    • Pause for long Max riff on variety, entertainment, (Irishmen) and God, with a side glance at Sid Vicious, bad jokes, then mentions of the contest segment to come - "Emotional Outburst," where a lucky contestant will take home their very own country... France
    • Tennis (in golf shoes on Sting's court)
    • Hair Weaves (mentioned in some lists, not seen in currently available clips)

Notes & Commentary

In the opening remarks of the Sting interview, Max makes a peculiar comment to his viewers - peculiar in a different way from his usual non-sequiturs and jokes. He says,

"Oh-oh-oh-k-k-k-kay. For the last twelve weeks, you have been kind enough to allow little old moi into your home; now I'm going to let vous into mine. And so, ink-ga-da-dink-dink, dink-dink, the Max Headroom Show takes a giant whit whit leap sideways onto my cocktail bar as I welcome - at last, ha ha - a guest on my show."

By most accounts, Max first appeared in the telefilm on 4 Apr 1985; this show followed within a few days. What "twelve weeks" is Max talking about? Commercial previews leading up to the telefilm? Details are completely absent.