Episode CH4.2.3

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Episode CH4.2.3
Title The Max Headroom Show
UK Air Date 22 Jul 1985
US Air Date 20 Nov 1985
Length 25 minutes
Guests Arcadia: Simon LeBon & Nick Rhodes
Crew Talk Show Crew
Matt Frewer Max Headroom

The third episode of the Max Headroom talk show featured Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes promoting their Duran Duran followup band, Arcadia.

The MaxRchives are fortunate to have recordings of both the Channel Four and Cinemax versions of this episode. The UK version is available, complete, on YouTube.

Videos & Segments

  • Video: Intaferon, "Steamhammer Sam"
    • Insert as LeBon says, "Nick, you look just like Richard Gere!"
  • Max comments on having his game show idea stolen.
  • Video: Bryan Adams, "Heaven"
  • Max comments on Simon LeBon's favorite color, and odd shoes and gloves left lying about.
  • Video: Jesse Rae, "Over The Sea"
  • Severed Heads: "Goodbye Tonsils"
  • Arcadia: "Election Day"
  • David Bowie: "Loving The Alien"
  • Max and his guests Simon Le Bon & Nick Rhodes talk about:
    • How Nick looks like Richard Gere
    • Paris vs. New York
    • Not Golf, Golf

Notes & Commentary

Although this show is usually listed as the third installment and was shown in that order on Cinemax, it was shown second on Channel Four.

Quotes & Caps

(Max's speech in these shows uses extreme stuttering and repetition, which I will not attempt to replicate in the transcriptions here. You can assume that any stutter noted goes on many times longer.)

  • Max: "And coming up soon here on the Max-Max-Max Headroom show, the two and only Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes. They-They've brought their mascara with them and they're going to be having one petit discussionette with little old moi. (aside) Get out the best coops, Martha..."
  • Max: "Boy, you can't trust anyone in this business. You know, on a recent show, I suggested a new game show called 'Stake Your Bedroom Furniture.' Well, I'm damned if there isn't a new game show coming out soon on the Meter(?) network called: 'Stroke the Piece of Furniture.' Hmm. All the contestant has to do is stroke one of the prizes - like a refrigerator, hi-fi system or videocassette player - in a more loving and sexy way than the hostess, and they get to keep the prize. I'm keeping my mouth shut in the future."
  • Max: "
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