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Episode CH4.2.4
Title The Max Headroom Show
UK Air Date 5 Aug 1985
US Air Date 4 Dec 1985
Length 30 minutes
Guests Roger Daltrey
Crew Talk Show Crew

The fourth episode of the first season of the Max Headroom talk show featured The Who lead singer Roger Daltrey.

Videos & Segments

Video listing not yet verified

  • Ultravox: "Love's Great Adventure"
  • Madness: "Driving in My Car"
  • Heaven 17: "Let Me Go"
  • Go West: "Call Me"
  • The Pale Fountains: "Jean's Not Happening"
  • Roger Daltrey: "After The Fire"
  • Elton John & Millie Jackson: "Act of War"
  • Max and his guest Roger Daltrey talk about:
    • Acting
    • Directing
    • His Album Under a Raging Moon
    • Golf
    • Oscar award