Episode CH4.2.6

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Episode CH4.1.6
Title The Max Headroom Show
UK Air Date  ? ? 1985
US Air Date None?
Length  ?? minutes
Guests Boy George
Links Mhcom youtube icon 100.png

The Boy George interview segment.

Crew Talk Show Crew

The last episode of the first season of the Max Headroom talk show featured Culture Club lead singer Boy George.

Videos & Segments

Video listing not yet verified

  • The Police: "Synchronicity II"
  • Belouis Some: "Imagination"
  • Paul Hardcastle: "19"
  • Black Lace: "Agadoo"
  • Culture Club: "Victims"
  • Bonzo Dog Doo Da Band: "Urban Spaceman"
  • Max and his guest Boy George talk about:
    • What to call each other
    • Sanity and insane asylums and Culture Club's next album
    • Golf
    • George's book & Max's book
    • "The A-Team" and "Dynasty"
    • Minorities & gays
    • The Athens concert
    • George's career
    • Max gives George an autograph book with his signature on the first page
    • Max sings a closing crooner song in a white suit (not verified)