Episode CH4.3.3

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Episode CH4.3.3
Title The Max Headroom Show
US Air Date 29 Aug 1986
UK Air Date 20 Jan 1987
Length 30 minutes
Guests Oliver Reed
Crew Talk Show Crew
The third episode of the second Channel Four season of the Max Headroom talk show featured actor Oliver Reed.

The MaxRchives contain complete recordings of both the US and UK broadcasts of this episode.

Videos & Segments

  • Max in his green-and-purple plaid rips off a long riff as a VJ calling down the top 30 world hits.
  • Max dedicates the show to... you, the viewer, because he loves you and we're growing closer. Even if you're Belgian.
  • Video: Bolshoi, "Away"
    • Max interrupts for a Dragnet/detective bit.
    • Bolshoi, "Away" continues.
  • Max greets the audience with a trip down TV "mammary lane" (of weird black and white clips).
  • Video: Sir Mixalot, "Square Dance Rap" (using old Disney-era animation).
    • Max interrupts with the exciting moment of the weekly Choose-Your-Favorite-Adverts contest, and the winners are those chosen by Her Highness the Queen Mother.
      • Commercial break(?)
  • And this week, we're in... China!
  • Sir Mixalot, "Square Dance Rap" continues.
    • Guest Oliver Reed interrupts the ending.
  • Max and his guest Oliver Reed talk about:
    • His tough guy image (but he's really a pussycat).
    • His films: "The Devils" (1971) and "Women in Love" (1969) and censorship.
    • Getting naked in films as a better option to violence and gore, especially for children.
    • Nudity in films as a risk for major actors in earlier eras, and how the controversial male wrestling scene in "Women in Love" was filmed.
      • Video: Luis Cardenas, "Runaway" (using dinosaur puppets).
    • Max asks Reed about being a sportsman... and Reed is snoring, eyes open.
      • Luis Cardenas, "Runaway" continues.
    • Max tries to provoke Reed over drinking, and adds that he knows he has a short temper. ("No, Max... I'm a very cool dude. A mean whoop-whoop, but I'm a cool dude.")
    • His film: "Castaway"

(No golf?)

  • Max and Max sing a crooner duet together