Episode CH4.3.4

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Episode CH4.3.4
Title The Max Headroom Show
US Air Date 12 Sep 1986
UK Air Date 27 Jan 1987
Length 30 minutes
Guests Tracey Ullman
Crew Talk Show Crew
Matt Frewer Max Headroom
The third episode of the second Channel Four season of the Max Headroom talk show featured singer, actress and comedienne Tracey Ullman.

The MaxRchives contain complete recordings of both the US and UK broadcasts of this episode.

Videos & Segments

Video listing not yet verified

  • The Smiths: "Panic"
  • Tracey Ullman: "Breakaway"
  • Peter Gabriel: "Sledgehammer"
  • This show's country theme: America
  • Max and his guest Tracey Ullman talk about:
    • Not being a Cockney
    • Her daughter's name Mabel
    • How golf gets on her tits
    • Plans for her first show in America (which actually happened a year later)
    • Being married to a millionaire
    • Her music career
    • Max's coke ads in America
    • Luck

Notes & Commentary

tap, tap... Is this thing on?

Quotes & Caps

S-stay tu-tu-tuned...

(Max's speech in this season finally stops using the extreme stuttering and repetition, probably as much for technical, audience and production reasons as because it was getting tiresome. I am still trimming such repetitions to minimum indicators here in the transcriptions.)

  • Max: " "