Episode CH4.3.6

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Episode CH4.3.6
Title The Max Headroom Show
UK Air Date 10 Feb 1987
US Air Date 10 Oct 1986
Length 30 minutes
Guests David Byrne
Crew Talk Show Crew
The sixth episode of the second Channel Four season of the Max Headroom talk show featured a figure who was probably most like a real-life counterpart, singer David Byrne.

The MaxRchives contain a complete recording of the UK broadcast of this episode. The complete interview segment is available on YouTube. Charles McGrew's page contains a number of audio clips that precede the Byrne interview.

Videos & Segments

Video listing not yet verified

  • Curiousity Killed the Cat: "Misfit"
  • Gene Loves Jezebel: "Heartache"
  • Talking Heads: "Wild Wild Life"
  • Max and his guest David Byrne (on his own TV!) talk about:
    • The fun of cleaning out his refrigerator
    • His stage persona is sillier than himself in real life
    • "As one talking head to another": Fan expectations
    • Style of his clothes vs. Max's
    • His film "True Stories" (during which they switch monitors)
    • Megalomania
    • Whether Max's show would work in Belgium
    • How David is the most famous talking head besides Max

(No golf, and no country theme?)