Episode CH4.3.7

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Episode CH4.3.7
Title The Max Headroom Show
US Air Date 24 Oct 1986
UK Air Date 17 Feb 1987
Length 30 minutes
Guests Howie Mandel
Crew Talk Show Crew
Matt Frewer Max Headroom
The seventh episode of the second Channel Four season of the Max Headroom talk show featured actor and comedian Howie Mandel.

The MaxRchives contain complete recordings of both the US and UK broadcasts of this episode.

Videos & Segments

  • Max asks the viewer if they really want to sit down for the next thirty minutes, then lists a few of the things they'll miss if they switch off.
    • "Switch off? Okay..."
    • The screen goes to a white dot, then black.
  • We return to a stereotypical sitcom kitchen set (slide) as Max enters to applause and laughs, doing a generic "Hi honey I'm home" schtick. He realizes he's in the wrong show... "Whaddya think this is, cheap comedy?"... and then does a slapstick bounce off one side of the frame.
  • Video: Lulu, "Shout" (ca. 1964 - in color, with "The Luvvers")
  • Max sings nonsensical snippets.
  • Black and white clip of a chef making a rooster crow on command.
  • Now Max is at... I said, NOW MAX IS AT THE DISCO!
    • Max gets them to turn off the noise and lights, and describes the disco scene.
  • More chef and rooster.
  • Max has advice for his younger viewers about wearing very tight jeans... not a good idea.
  • Video: Love and Rockets, "Yin and Yang (The Flowerpot Man)"
  • This week, we're in... Greece! Land of bouzoukis, Zorba, souvlaki and moussaka. And feta. And kebabs.
    • Comedy clip from Neil Mullarkey.
  • And we're back in Greece. Land of weightlifters, gods and tragic history.
  • Opening credits roll...
    • ...until it's suddenly time again for "Quiz!" with no fewer than three rounds of the theme song.
      • and this time Max is ringing the changes and it's completely different because there will be no question, no prizes, no contestants, because we're not gonna play - we're not gonna play - we're not gonna play... Quiz!
    • Opening credits conclude.
  • In a remote interview (from a TV on Howie's couch), Max and his guest Howie Mandel talk about:
    • Howie's live act
    • His grandmother's hypnotic incident
    • Golf
    • Being a golferless caddy
    • Stamp collecting
    • Voicing the good gremlin
    • Films
    • Other guests Max has had on his show
  • Paul Hardcastle: "The Wizard"

Notes & Commentary

Hello? Hello? Is th-th-this thing on?

Quotes & Caps


(Max's speech in this season finally stops using the extreme stuttering and repetition, probably as much for technical, audience and production reasons as because it was getting tiresome. I am still trimming such repetitions to minimum indicators here in the transcriptions.)

  • Max: "