Episode CH4.3.9

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Episode CH4.3.9
Title The Max Headroom Show
UK Air Date 3 Mar 1987
US Air Date 21 Nov 1986
Length 30 minutes
Guests Jackson Browne
Crew Talk Show Crew
Matt Frewer Max Headroom
The ninth episode of the second Channel Four season of the Max Headroom talk show featured singer/songwriter Jackson Browne.

The MaxRchives contain a complete recording of the UK broadcast of this episode. Charles McGrew's page contains a number of audio clips that precede the Browne interview.

Videos & Segments

  • Max opens with yet another sad close to the the series... that's premature, so never mind.
  • Video: Ken Noath, "Junk Mail" intro
  • Max talks about his analyst and other stars who are seeing him.

  • Jackie Wilson: "Reet Petite"
  • Elton John: "Heartache All Over The World"
  • This show's country theme: the Middle East
  • Max and his guest Jackson Browne talk about:
    • His name
    • Being political in his songs
    • Golf
    • Politics
    • The environment
    • Golf again

Notes & Commentary

Hello? Hello? Is th-th-this thing on?

Quotes & Caps


(Max's speech in this season finally stops using the extreme stuttering and repetition, probably as much for technical, audience and production reasons as because it was getting tiresome. I am still trimming such repetitions to minimum indicators here in the transcriptions.)

  • Max: "