Matt Frewer

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Matt Frewer
Name Matthew George Frewer
Birth 4 January 1958, Washington DC

(Born to Canadian citizens & raised in Peterborough, Ontario)

Matt Frewer as Edison Carter, ca. 1986

Matt Frewer is a Canadian-American actor who is perhaps most famous for portraying Max Headroom and his human counterpart, news reporter Edison Carter. Besides this defining dual role, Frewer has played more than a hundred film and television roles including lead or regular characters on Eureka, Doctor Doctor, Falling Skies and Orphan Black, and signature film roles such as Sherlock Holmes and "Moloch" in Watchmen.


Frewer was born in Washington DC to a Royal Canadian Navy officer and his wife, and raised in Petersborough, Ontario.

Casting & Involvement with Max Headroom

Frewer was selected for the role of Max Headroom in part because his mix of US, Canadian and English acting experience gave him the ambiguous "mid-Atlantic" accent and appearance the show developers wanted for their lead.