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This is the entry page for the list of pages for actors who have played a role in any of the various Max Headroom productions.

Major Roles, ABC Series

Ben Cheviot
Max Headroom and Edison Carter
Miss Julia Formby
Theora Jones
Blank Reg
Blank Dominque
Bryce Lynch

Recurring Roles, ABC Series

Angela Barry
Mr. Bartlett
Janie Crane
Ned Grossberg

UK Telefilm Roles

Matt Frewer, Amanda Pays and W. Morgan Sheppard played the same roles in the original telefilm as they did in the ABC series. All other cast and some differing roles were as follows.

Exploding Blipvert Viewer
Ben Cheviot
Body Bank Receptionist
Gene Ashwell
Blipvert Eyewitness
Ms. Formby
Patrick (reporter)
Bryce Lynch
Helipad reporter

Minor Roles, ABC Series

Most of those who played minor roles in the ABC series are very minor or little-known actors, many with only a handful of credits and some with only this one. The name link in each case goes to the actor's IMDb page, if they have one.

All actors in this category are listed in show credits, but some played roles as yet unidentified.

Actor Role Episode Notes
Billie Bird Florence (Body Bank receptionist) 1.1, "Blipverts"
Tain Bodkin "Orbitthon" announcer 1.2, "Rakers"
Bobby Brett Unknown 1.2, "Rakers"
Brian Brophy Traker 1.6, "Blanks"
Robert Dowdell Transplant Doctor 1.3, "Body Banks" Chip Morton, "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"
John Durbin Dragul / City Prosecutor 1.6, "Blanks"
Stephen Elliott Clive Thatcher (Network 66 Chairman) 2.3, "Grossberg's Return" Scotty Demarest, "Dallas"
Tom Everett Unknown 1.6, "Blanks"
John Fleck Ronald (Peller's assistant) 1.6, "Blanks" Gecko, "Carnivále"; Del Varner, "Babylon 5"
J. Michael Flynn Lucian 1.5, "War"
Jenny Gago Pancho 1.3, "Body Banks" Detective Zapeda, "Alien Nation"
Elizabeth Gorcey Arrested Blank 1.6, "Blanks" Wendy Jo, Footloose (1984)
James Haake Club Dancer 1.3, "Body Banks" aka "Gypsy" Haake
Doug Hale Maitre D' 1.2, "Rakers" Derek Mitchell, "Babylon 5"
John Hamelin Indian commentator 2.3, "Grossberg's Return" tentative role match
Karen Hensel Network 66 board member 2.3, "Grossberg's Return" Sister Catherine, Psycho III
Fred Holliday Game Show Host 1.2, "Rakers" Ron Wyche, "Days of Our Lives"
Lorilyn Huckstep Winnie (Jones) 1.2, "Rakers"
Rob Narita Asian Controller 1.6, "Blanks"
Cynthia Stevenson TV Astrologer 1.6, "Blanks"