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Max Headroom was basically born as an advertising avatar, to promote both the new Channel Four and his own initial show. He has been used by a number of advertisers since, including a late return to Channel Four.

Data on Max's advertising appearances is incomplete, and updates and additional information are solicited!

  • Channel Four / The Max Headroom Show (1985-1986)
The original purpose of Max was to draw attention to the UK's Channel Four and his own talk/video show thereon. There's not much more to say about that, as everything that followed is documented throughout this site. Very much a case of "the medium is the message" - except that Max was more of a l-large than a medium.
  • Radio Rentals
Max appeared in a number of television and print ads for Radio Rentals, a TV-rental service in the UK.
  • Coca-Cola
If Max is known for one thing, it's either the ABC series or the massive advertising campaign for the second rollout of "New Coke."
  • Channel Four Digital (2007)
When Channel Four switched over to digital service, they hauled Max out of cold storage and used him in a series of ads promoting the change.