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Pages that are UNDER CONSTRUCTION may be incomplete, have broken links or contain unverified information.

In four seasons of two video, entertainment and talk shows, Max Headroom had a number of extremely high-profile guests. This page lists all of them... at least, it lists all those known and all data about the shows that is available.

Unlike the ABC series, reliable information about the talk shows is extremely scanty and many casual sources contain errors. I am in the process of gathering and sorting out information, based on original materials (recordings and show listings) where possible. Any additional data, especially that from primary sources and verifiable, is welcomed.

The data below has been culled from several internet and other sources and is not yet guaranteed to be even the slightest bit reliable. Guest names in particular are tentative until proven otherwise. Any date or show number is validated information, and presence of that data indicates the guest did appear on the indicated show. No name or date - watch out.

Max sez: Sorry. S-s-s-sorry. This page is a mess. It will be sorted out once the show pages are complete.

Talk Show & Interview Guests

Name links are to Wikipedia pages.

Guest Show Episode Air Date
Jackson Browne The Max Talking Headroom Show CH4.2.9  ? ? 1986
David Byrne The Max Talking Headroom Show CH4.2.6  ? ? 1986
Michael Caine The Max Talking Headroom Show CH4.2.1  ? ? 1986
Jackie Collins The Max Talking Headroom Show CH4.2.10  ? ? 1986
Roger Daltrey The Max Headroom Show CH4.1.4  ? ? 1985
Dave Edmunds The Max Talking Headroom Show CH4.2.11  ? December 1985
Bob Geldof The Max Talking Headroom Show CH4.2.11  ? December 1985
Boy George The Max Headroom Show CH4.1.6  ? ? 1985
Gilbert Gottfried The Original Max Talking Headroom Show CMX.1.6 1 Oct 1987
Jerry Hall The Original Max Talking Headroom Show CMX.1.1 23 Jul 87
Rutger Hauer The Max Headroom Show? 2 Oct 1986 (CMX rebroadcast?)
Grace Jones unknown
Don King unknown
Madeline Kahn unknown
Robin Leach unknown
Simon LeBon unknown
Jack Lemmon unknown
Howie Mandel unknown
Bobby McFerrin unknown
Mary Tyler Moore unknown
Penn & Teller The Original Max Talking Headroom Show CMX.1.1 23 Jul 87
Emo Philips unknown
Ron Reagan Jr. unknown
Oliver Reed unknown
Nick Rhodes unknown
Vidal Sassoon unknown
Paul Shaffer unknown
William Shatner unknown
Sting unknown
Tina Turner unknown
Tracey Ullman unknown
Dr. Ruth Westheimer unknown
Robin Williams unknown