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A satirist must often suffer the same slings and arrows in return. Max Headroom has been parodied, satirized and paid homage in a surprisingly broad variety of ways.

  • MAD Magazine
Max appeared on the cover of the March 1987 issue of MAD, albeit wearing his Alfred E. Neuman mask.
  • "Doonesbury"
Gary Trudeau was one of many comics artists to latch onto the Max meme, turning then-President Ronald Reagan into a digitized parody of himself, Ron Headrest. The gag outlived Max's run.
  • "Sledge Hammer: 'A Clockwork Hammer'"
This sitcom, a running parody of tough-guy cop shows, ran on ABC in the same years as Max's show. It used a punning title and parodic theme for each episode of its two-season run. One, almost inevitably, was based on the title character becoming Max-Max-Maxified.
  • Maxine Legroom
When Max was interviewed for Playboy magazine, the editors accompanied the interview with a layout for a rather hot blonde (female, of course) equivalent named Maxine Legroom. (Page contains some very slightly NSFW images.)
  • "Back to the Future II"
The second installment of the movie franchise took Marty McFly to, uh, 2015, where among flying cars and other wonders he encountered several Max-like characters on the service screens of the old diner.
  • "Maxine"
Rule 34 before anyone conceived of a Rule 34, much less an internet. Yes, it's Max-themed porn starring Porsche Lynn.
  • "Carmen Sandiego"
The animated series featured Carmen's boss, seen only as a talking-head on TV.
  • Eminem: "Rap God"
Eminem's 2013 single "Rap God" features an extended parody of Max with the singer in full costume and on a signature moving-lines background.
  • Sesame Street Magazine
Max was portrayed as "Max Hogroom," by 'Link Hogthrob' in the Spring 1988 issue of Sesame Street magazine.
  • "Muppet Babies: 'This Little Piggy Went to Hollywood'"
Max was briefly impersonated as 'the weirdest guy on TV' by 'Baby Gonzo' in Episode 406 of "Muppet Babies," 24 Oct 1987.
  • T-Mobile Germany's "Robert T-Online"
One of the more bizarre manifestations of Max-influence was this strange talking-head spokesbeing for T-Mobile Germany (a division of Deutsche Telekom), a very Max-like "Robert T-Online."