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Well, no. We don't have forums... but we used to.
And we could again. It's up to you... yes, you.

A highlight of both earlier versions of this site was a dedicated forum for discussion of things Max. The first one was finally shut down because I couldn't keep up with the spam, bot and abuse users. The second one was part of the mega-wiki-ware and while it had a dedicated core of users, it was also hard to keep clear of garbage. It also got thrown out when I reclaimed 350MB of server space by deleting the platform.

There are no remaining forums for discussion of Max anywhere else. I'd be happy to restore one here if there's any sufficient level of interest. I like forums; they let a community have an extended, detailed, time-preserved discussion without comments and topics fading away.

So please... you came here for a reason. I need your input. Don't leave this page without leaving your completely anonymous vote!

If a forum dedicated to Max Headroom discussion was created here, I'd...
Please vote below. Results will be shown when you have voted.
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There were 27 votes since the poll was created on 18:58, 23 January 2016.
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Further comments? Think there is another platform that would be better suited to Max discussion? Drop me a note and tell me your ideas. This will not happen without visitor input and support!