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The first 12 episodes of The Max Headroom Show have yet to turn up in complete form. Although the site maintains a stub page for each episode in the hopes that such recordings might one day pass our way, or that the specific show from which known clips are taken will be identified, this page has been created to hold everything known in general about these "lost" shows until that time.

The original show was closer to other music video/VJ shows of the era on MTV, VH1 and similar cable channels, except that Max was allowed to get a little more bizarre than Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman and others on the more "sensible" shows. (Using the term loosely.)


Clip showing one version of the "lattice" background believed to be unique to Season 1.

This YouTube compilation is the only known video from Season 1 shows. It contains a number of Max quotes and skits mentioned elsewhere below.

The "latticework" background, which has several variations and uniformly changes colors across the spectrum, is believed to be unique to the first season, so any clip of Max with that background is presumed to be from the first season until proven otherwise.


We have a substantial collection of audio quotes from the Season 1 shows, from which selected examples will be posted here. Eventually.


The following Max quotes and quips are believed to be original from the first season, although some were reused as filler or re-performed in later shows.

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