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This site represents the third evolution of a project that was begun in 2006. The development of this site began as a replacement for an earlier fan site by a prior owner and was developed in HTML and CSS.

When it became clear that the structured links of the proto-wiki site design were becoming too difficult to manage, the project was moved to a very powerful wiki platform. After substantial development, it proved that the chosen platform was a tremendous resource hog and was going to max out server space and boost user bandwidth usage. So the replacement site was pulled down and the slightly creaky HTML site put back up in its stead.

With the 30th anniversary of Max's debut on us, the project was started anew using this wiki platform. (I find it amusing to imagine Max saying "W-wiki. Wiki. Rhymes with... iki.")

S-stay tuned for further developments. Tun-tuned.

Development & Testing Info

I mess with the page layouts, styles and display components a lot, and the MediaWiki platform sometimes behaves unpredictably when I do. While I am going for a weird, Max-influenced vibe, I do aim for a clean, clear, intuitive interface as the higher priority.

  • Developed under Windows Firefox.
  • Frequently view-checked under Windows Firefox, Android Chrome and Android AdBlock Browser.
  • Regularly view-checked under Windows Chrome, Windows Edge and Windows Safari.
  • Please let me know of any peculiarities or display quirks on any browser or platform. Thanks.