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The talk, interview and video show created for Channel Four was Max's original purpose, and spanned some thirty installments over between early 1985 and early 1987.

The show consisted of three seasons:

  • A video-only show that ran 13 episodes on Channel Four in early 1985, with Max as presenter and wisecrack artist. These episodes were never shown on US television and there is very little data about the content available. The 13th and last show was a crossover to the second season format, with the first interview (of Sting).
  • A video and talk show with a small "bar room" set that ran 6 episodes in fall 1985. Max introduced videos, did comedy riffs and in four shows, interviewed prominent musical guests. These shows, some of which reused material from the first season, were repeated on Cinemax in November and December 1985.
  • An expanded video and talk show with a large set that ran 10 episodes, first on Cinemax from August to December 1986, and then repeated on Channel Four from January to March 1987.

Third Season Title Credits

The of-the-era video-style opening credits used for the third season flash a number of grotesque caricatures of celebrities, most from Max's era but a few older ones as well. Many are American celebrities, reinforcing the idea that the show was meant, in part, to be a parody of American TV. With reasonable assurance, the celebrities portrayed are:

  1. Lucille Ball
  2. Johnny Rotten (John Lydon)
  3. Mr. T.
  4. Mick Jagger
  5. Marilyn Monroe
  6. Woody Allen
  7. Dame Edna (Barry Humphries)
  8. Ronald Reagan
  9. Princess Diana
  10. Michael Caine
  11. Bob Marley
  12. Charlie Chaplin
  13. Prince Charles
  14. Ray Dorset (Mungo Jerry) ?
  15. Phil Silvers (as Sgt. Bilko)
  16. Queen Elizabeth
Thanks to Simon Kelly for providing a UK perspective on these IDs.