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! colspan="2" | InfoBanks: Max, Shows & Appearances
! colspan="2" | InfoBanks: Max, Shows & Appearances
| <span class="ilinks">[[Max: Shows | Max: The Shows]]</span>
| <div class="ilinks">[[Max: Shows | Max: The Shows]]</div>
The six seasons of shows head-head-headlined by Max Headroom.
The six seasons of shows head-head-headlined by Max Headroom.
| '''[[Max: Interviews & Appearances | Max: Other Interviews & Appearances]]'''
| '''[[Max: Interviews & Appearances | Max: Other Interviews & Appearances]]'''

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You've found the home of ev-ev-everything Max Headroom.
Even after 30 years... he's still “20 Minutes into the Future!”

This site aims, as it always has, to be the most complete word on everything related to Max Headroom: '80s icon, TV show star and host, satirist and cultural meme. If it's Max... you'll find it here.

Max Headroom turned 30 on April 4 of this year, and that shocking anniversary was the inspiration for what you're seeing here: the early stages of a completely new and long-overdue update to the site on a modern platform.

The overall organization is complete, but there is much still to come in content and style. Everything is cross-linked, of course, and detailed additions to the linking will be an ongoing effort. Feel free to jump in anywhere and follow the connections where they take you. The top-level indexes and entry points are below.

Cast, Crew or C-Creative?
Were you a part of the Max phenomenon?

A cast member, even a minor one?

Crew on any of the shows?

Creative who developed anything from dialogue to the entire Coke campaign?

I've connected with many of you; if you're not among those, I'd truly love to hear from you. Even a few comments and questions can add important material to the Project archives. I'm happy to give you your additional (or perhaps first!) due recognition, or put the material under "off the record," or any combination.

Drop me a note, right now... and thanks!

With nearly all material transferred from the old site, I have begun begin the ongoing process of filling out these pages with additional content from the Project. A vast amount of new material is already here. The goal remains the same it has been for more than ten years: to gather together in one place every relevant detail about Max, his world and his many appearances. More than that, the purpose here is to validate all that data and strip out the endless errors, mistakes, omissions and guesses, so that what remains here is complete, reliable and, I would hope, moderately interesting to all Max fans and scholars.

This new platform has made the task of updating, expanding and correcting the contents much easier. The work continues and for a while you will run into unfinished and stub pages. Most of these have a banner at the head indicating incomplete status. Eventually, all the pages will be "complete" - but the search for more information, the addition of details and the writings about it all will continue indefinitely.

In parallel with the content, I will be evolving the style to a more Max-like one, and you might encounter some quirks as a result of that. (As Max would say, "Sorry. S-Sorry.") If you're interested in the details of what's going on here behind the scenes, you can keep an eye on the updates page. Since ev-ev-everything is an update right now, it holds a summary of the overall work process and immediate plans.

Welcome to the Max Headroom Chronicles... v3.0 and continuing.

N-N-Notice: I am considering restoring some version of the MaxChat forum, with one subforum for fan discussion and one for "professional" - historical, cultural, research, etc. - discussion. If you'd be interesting in participating in either or both subforums, drop me a quick note vo-vo-vote.
— I'm your host, archives curator and the site proprietor, Blank James. Enjoy your visit!
·  SITE UNDER CONTINUING DEVELOPMENT  ·  Please excuse any rough edges you may encounter.  ·
Max Headroom: InfoBank Categories
InfoBanks: Max, Shows & Appearances

The six seasons of shows head-head-headlined by Max Headroom.

Max: Other Interviews & Appearances

The many television and print "interviews" of Max, as well as appearances on other shows.

Max: The Advertising

Max's adventures in the world of advertising.
(Except for the New Coke ads. They're over there →)

Max: The New Coke Campaign

Coming soon: Max's attempts to sell a product Coke had already established no one wanted.

Max. M-Max. Max Headroom...”

Coming soon: The anchor of the infobanks here, like Max himself.

InfoBanks: People
Max: Actors & Characters

The actors and characters who appeared in the ABC series.

Max: Crew & Creative

The many people who created, developed and brought Max to the screen.

Max: Guests

The guests and acts that appeared on the Channel Four and Cinemax talk/video shows.

Wait! W-wait! Max wants to say hello:

InfoBanks: Research & History
Max: Parodies

The many sons (and a few hot duh-duh-daughters) of Max Headroom.

Max: Stuff & Nonsense

A growing gallery of Max merchandise, materials and ephemera.

Maxs deutscher Kram

Max's brief German tour, 1989. Seriously.

Max: Writeups & Retrospectives

Articles, reviews and other pre-internet writings about Max.

Max: Essays

Critique, analysis and history of Max and his world.

You might find the original site worth a quick look.
Max: Timeline

An increasingly-complete timeline of Max events and dates.

All external links on this site open in a new window.
ConnexionBank: Site Administration & Contact
About the Max Headroom Chronicles

If you're curious about why this site exists and persists.

About the Max Headroom Project

If you're curious about the larger project that underlies this public portal.

C-C-Corrections & Contributions

Spot an error here? Have some Max data we don't? Get in t-t-touch!


Max loves to talk. So do we. Say hi. (Media inquiries welcome.)

And N-Now the News

Site news, updates and development plans.

Credits & Ack!-Acknowledgements

I'm proud of this site, but I didn't do it with, well, no arms.