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Welcome to the home of ev-ev-everything Max Headroom!

This is the beginning of a completely new update to the site. Everything is fully cross-linked, so feel free to jump in anywhere and follow the connections.

⇒ Visit the old Max Headroom site
The original site is still unfinished around the edges but worth a quick look. Until this new site is completely filled out, it may also contain additional information and material.
All external links on this site open in a new window.

This site is live well ahead of being complete, to give visitors access to the material as it accumulates. Much of it is being moved over from the old (really old) site, which is still accessible. If you're browsing, you can choose either site; if you're looking for specific information, you might have to search both sites.

I hope to have this new wiki-based site completely filled out soon... and begin filling it with additional content as a parallel and continuing process. Until then, you will probably run into unfinished and stub pages. I will also be evolving the style to a more Max-like one, and you might encounter some quirks as a result of that. As Max would say, "Sorry. S-Sorry."

I'm your host and the site proprietor, Blank James. Thanks for visiting!

Max Headroom: Infobank Categories
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Show & Appearance Infobanks

This is the place to start if you aren't seeking more specific information. Like Max himself, it's the anchor of the infobanks here.
This is where you'll find the tree of information about the various shows Max Headroom appeared in.
This is where you'll find the tree of information about the many appearances of Max Headroom in advertising.
This is where to find information on the many television and print "interviews" of Max.

People Infobanks

This is the starting point to locate information on specific characters within the shows, mainly the 1986-7 ABC series.
This is the starting point to locate information on actors who played various roles in the shows, especially the ABC series.
This is where to find information on various guests and acts that appeared on the Channel Four and Cinemax talk/video shows.
This is where to find information on the many people who created, developed and brought Max to the screen.

Research & History Infobanks

This is the starting point for reading critique, analysis and history of Max and his world.
A listing of articles, reviews and other pre-internet writings about Max. (Interviews are listed separately.)
A growing gallery of Max merchandise, materials and ephemera.

ConnexionBank: Site Administration & Contact

Oh, wait... Max wants to say hello:

If you're curious about why this site exists and persists.
If you're curious about the larger project that underlies this public portal.
Spot an error here? Have some Max data we don't? Please do get in touch. Full credit will be given.
If you're interesting in contacting the Project leader and site proprietor. (M-Media inquiries invited.)