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You've found the home of ev-ev-everything Max Headroom.
Even after 35 years... he's still “20 Minutes into the Future!”

Official Max Headroom Time
This site aims to be the complete word on everything related to Max Headroom: '80s icon, TV show host & star, satirist and meme. If it's Max... you'll find it here.
Max Headroom: InfoBank Categories
InfoBanks: Max, Shows & Appearances
Coming Soon: The anchor of the infobanks.
The six seasons of shows head-head-headlined by Max Headroom.
The many appearances of Max on other shows & media.
Most of Max's adventures in the world of advertising.
Coming Soon: Max's attempts to sell a failed product.
InfoBanks: People
The guests and acts that appeared on the talk/video shows.
The many people who brought Max to the screen.
Coming Soon: The actors and roles from the ABC series.
InfoBanks: History & Research
The many sons (and a few hot dah-daughters) of Max Headroom.
A growing gallery of Max merchandise, materials and ephemera.
NEW! Max on video! Video! Vid-vid-video! Video!
Max's brief German tour, 1989. (Seriously.)
Articles, reviews and other pre-internet writings about Max.
Critique, analysis and history of Max and his world.
An increasingly-complete timeline of Max events and dates.
ConnexionBank: Site Admin
The site, the project, the archives, the rationale...
Site news, updates and development plans. (Updated 2/7/16)
I'm proud of this site, but I didn't do it with, well, no arms.
Say hi. Say thanks. Complain. Reminisce. Whatever...

( Psst. Hey, you. Yes, y-you. Max and I need your help. Click here if you're interested. )

Whether you're an old fan or someone newly curious about the whole Max phenomenon, welcome!

Cast, Crew or C-Creative?

Were you a part of the Max phenomenon?

A cast member, even a minor one?

Crew on any of the shows?

Creative who developed anything from dialogue to the entire Coke campaign?

I've connected with many of you; if you're not among those, I'd truly love to hear from you. Even a few comments and questions can add important material to the Project archives. I'm happy to give you your additional (or perhaps first!) due recognition, or put the material under "off the record," or any combination.

Drop me a note, right now... and thanks!

This site has existed in one form or another since the beginning of the internet, and there appear to be some precursor file repositories and forums that extend right back to Max's era in the late 1980s. Mindful of that long legacy, I am proud to have this site be the last major stronghold of "things Max" on the web. While the rebuild and refresh and expansion onto this new platform are largely complete, you'll still run into a few unfinished pages and dead ends - I'm working on them, when I have time. As Max would say, "S-S-Sorry. Stay tun-tuned!"

The overall organization is complete, but there is much still to come in content and style. The goal remains the same as always: to gather together in one place every relevant detail about Max, his world and his many appearances. More than that, the purpose here is to validate all that data and strip out the endless errors, mistakes, omissions and guesses, so that what remains here is complete, reliable and, I would hope, moderately interesting to all Max fans and scholars. This year, I hope to add in the missing element - you! - with a return of the discussion forums.

The new wiki platform makes it easy to browse and wander. Feel free to jump in anywhere and follow the connections where they take you. The top-level indexes and entry points are above.

Welcome to the Max Headroom Chronicles... v3.0/2016 and continuing.

— I'm your host as both MaxRchives curator and site proprietor, Blank James. Enjoy your visit!