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the Max Headroom chronicles

Max on YouTube

When this project was started, resources such as YouTube didn't exist. Now that such streaming video sharing is widely available, it's no surprise that there is quite a bit of Max material there. And no reason not to link it in here.

I will search YouTube from time to time to find the best and most relevant clips to post here. You are free to send me your YouTube link submissions as well - here's a generic YouTube search link for your convenience:

Max on YouTube

Please note that I make no representations about the legality or copyright issues involved here - I am merely hosting YouTube links and any such issues are between rights holders, YouTube, the original poster... and you. I will avoid posting any material that greatly exceeds fair use, such as complete Max episodes.

Please report any broken links or other updates.

Terry Wogan Interview (08:20)

Considered by many to be one of Max's finest and funniest video appearances.
(Terry Wogan is a well-known BBC personality and interviewer.)

Max on David Letterman (two parts, about 07:44 total)

Max's infamous interview with David Letterman, ca. March 1987.
Part One:

Part Two:

"Paranoimia" (Art of Noise with Max Headroom)(03:19)

Art of Noise released this cut on a 1986 album and almost immediately remixed it as a video with Max performing the narrative audio.

"Car Parts" (01:10)

A signature Max Headroom riff, with video accompaniment. Appeared in episode 1.5, "War."

Lorimar Max Headroom Sweepstakes (04:19)

The 1987 release of the original UK telefilm on home video included this bracketing material and sweepstakes promoting the forthcoming ABC series produced by Lorimar.
(It's too late to enter, by the way.)

The WTTW pirating episode (three parts, about 06:29 total)

Excellent coverage of the 1987 pirate attack on two Chicago television stations by a Max impersonator. The first clip is the CBS news story about the attacks:

This clip is the complete WTTW (PBS) attack:

And for your convenience, this clip is the complete WTTW attack with subtitles:

The "New Coke" Campaign: Sample Ads

Max Headroom was the spokesman for the "New Coke" campaign from early 1986 well into 1987. Here are a few of the signature television ads from that campaign.

Here is a compilation of the first two ads introducing Max as the Coke spokesman, "Max Truck" and "Phillip's Room." There were at least three ads in this series... which was directed by none other than Ridley Scott. An entertaining minute-movie remake of the UK telefilm, in some ways. (01:00)

Another ad in the same series, apparently inspired by "Gremlins." (00:30)

Here is the famous "Pepsi interview" ad. (00:30)

Here's the "Game Show" ad. (00:30)

And last, an entry from the Australian ad campaign. (00:30)

One of the reasons the Max Coke campaign was discontinued, besides general burnout of the idea and the failure of the ABC series, was that Coke's followup research found that a significant number of viewers perceived the ads... as Pepsi ads. It's always chancy to name or portray your opponent in ads, a lesson ad men have to periodically re-learn.

The UK "Radio Rentals" Ads

Max Headroom was not inexperienced at advertising when he was selected for the Coke ads. Previously, he had done ads for a television rental firm in the UK. Here's three sample ads from that campaign. See if you can tell the difference in the content between them... (all 00:30)



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