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Over 20 Almost 30 Years Later... and Still 20 Minutes into the Future!

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W-W-Welcome to the Max Headroom chronicles, a web site intended to be the most complete word on the history, milieu and supporting crew of the '80s icon, cyberpunk legend and advertising avatar. This site and its contents are the public face of an effort known as the Max Headroom project.

This is, course, not the first or only Max Headroom site on the web. It is on its way to becoming the most complete, and has the aim of remaining a permanent contribution to the online infobanks. It exists also to provide a hub of sorts for Max's community of fans and friends.

You'll find more details on why this site came into being in this essay.

I'm your host and lead archivist here, Blank James. Enjoy your visit.


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Notes, Disclaimers & Some History...

This site is not yet complete. Because of its very nature, it may never be complete - but I can work towards that goal! It's perhaps best to only put a site live when it is complete, or at least has a complete framework, but long ago I decided to put it up as a work in progress, which was probably best. Visitors have expressed much appreciation for the material that's here and the effort behind it... and have been patient with my updates, which came at regular intervals for the first several months.

Then I was sidelined for well over a year with another project that left me little time for this one or, to be honest, much of anything else. That effort was thankfully concluded by the end of 2007. After a short rest, I've taken up old and much more desired projects again... including this one. I apologize for the long period of inactivity here and assure all visitors that this is my number one project - I'm as anxious to see at least Phase 1 completed as soon as possible.

I've re-begun with a freshening of the site design, at least in some places. The very complex episode, cast and character pages may remain as they are for some time, as I'd like to move them from the increasingly cumbersome rigid page designs to a more flexible database-driven format... but that will take time. Be assured that however slowly the site may change, there is continual work on the larger project behind it all.

Keep an eye on the Changes & Updates page to see what's new, what's changed and what's coming. And new visitors and old, please drop me a line to let me know you're out there!

Site Version 0.69, Updated 22 December 2009.

(V1.00 will be the first with all episodes fully documented.)

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