Episode CH4.2.2

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Episode CH4.2.2
Title The Max Headroom Show
UK Air Date 29 Jul 1985
US Air Date 20 Nov 1985
Length 25 minutes
Guests No guests
Crew Talk Show Crew

The second Max Headroom talk show featured only videos and some Max riffs.

The MaxRchives contain a recording of the Cinemax broadcast of this episode.

Videos & Segments

  • Video: Supertramp, "Cannonball"
  • Video: Waysted, "Love Loaded"
  • Video: Heat N Serve, "Rats on a Budget"
  • Bauhaus: "Ziggy Stardust"
  • Hit List: "Into the Fire"
  • China Crisis: "King in a Catholic Style"
  • Udo Lindenberg: "Germans"

Notes & Commentary

This episode is believed to have run third in the Channel Four series, despite being production number 2 and appearing on Cinemax in that order.

Max's opening quote about "making tomorrow seem like yesterday" was first spoken by Blank Reg in the telefilm.

Quotes & Caps

(Max's speech in these shows uses extreme stuttering and repetition, which I will not attempt to replicate in the transcriptions here. You can assume that any stutter noted goes on many times longer.)

  • Max: "Max-Max Head-Headroom, twenty-four hours a day after day after day, making tomorrow seem like yesterday."
  • Max: "You see, we've just had a telegram from the police-police in Texas, asking if we've seen a cow-cowboy answering this description: apparently he wears a brown paper hat, brown paper shirt, brown paper trousers and brown paper boots. They say he's wanted for rustling."
  • Max: "I got a joke. Okay, there was an Englishman, an Irishman-an Irishman and a Scotsman. And a Frenchman, and... an American. And a German. And I think an Australian as well. Okay. So there was this little Englishman Irishman Scotsman and American and German, and possibly an Australian, and I think they were in a bar. Heh. Ha... that's stupid, I've forgotten it."
  • Max: "Most people only eat revolting things to break a record. This lot did it to... make a record. 'Rats on a Budget'... Heat N Serve!"
  • Max: "Everyone knows that frozen peas are as fresh as the moment the pod went pop. But what about frozen meat... is that as fresh as the moment the cow went nnyeh nnyeh aaahh ayayayay-uhh?"
  • Max: "