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Max Headroom has appeared in several different television productions, all of which are loosely linked and part of the same general continuity.

In chronological order, they are:

The origin telefilm, shown on the UK's Channel Four on 4 April 1985 (4/4, get it?)
The original purpose for which Max was created, to serve as a bizarre, attention-getting host and "talking head" for a talk/video show on the then-new Channel Four.
Known under this title for its first six-show season, then as "The Max Talking Headroom Show" for its second season of ten shows.
A full-length Christmas special in the UK tradition.
The talk/video/interview show as ported to Cinemax in the US.
The most famous and widely known appearance of Max, in an ABC series that ran for 13 episodes, most of which were actually shown at the time.

This list does not include any of Max's many television appearances in advertising or interviews as a guest.