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Max Headroom is the center of the known universe. He'll be happy to tell you that at great, if slightly incoherent length.

As does the rest of this site. M-more to come here, soon.

Max Headroom: A Dual Biography
Max Headroom is an artificial personality, created by the head of Network 23's Research and Development Department, Bryce Lynch, and resident in Network 23's own corporate mainframe. He has essentially unlimited control of, and access to, all of Network 23's considerable communications powers. He is best known to the general public for breaking into network broadcasts with his own interpretations of the current program, advertising campaigns and reality as he perceives it through the network-wide Two-Way Analyzer. He can broadcast to the full range of Network 23 viewers or, through the Two-Way link, communicate with one or more of them.

A few years ago, the global telecasting giant was experimenting with a new form of advertisement that compressed a full 30 seconds of images into 3. These "blipverts" allowed far more ad revenue through expansion of available commercial slots, but more importantly, they prevented channel-switching by viewers. The brief duration of the 'vert and its fascinatingly fast composition kept viewers on-channel, thus ensuring ratings.

Unfortunately, the blipverts had a peculiar effect on some viewers, related to the phenomenon of Spontaneous Human Combustion. Highly indolent viewers were physiological time bombs, and watching blipvert could cause them to literally explode. At first, Network 23 exercised its considerable political power through its own security arm and its links to the city MetroCops, and covered up the explosions as microwave oven disasters.

It was the star of Network 23's own investigative show, "What I Want to Know," Edison Carter, who stumbled on the coverup and began investigating the true cause of the exploding citizens. With the assistance of his new controller Theora Jones, he pinned the problem on blipverts and uncovered the complicity of his own network's head of R&D and its chairman Ned Grossman. Their attempt to further the coverup led to Carter finding himself the subject of an intense manhunt by both network security and MetroCops. During an escape attempt, his controller and R&D head battled for control of the Network 23 building systems, locking and unlocking doors, forcing Carter's elevator to different floors and raising and lowering barriers. In a final valiant dash for the outside, Bryce Lynch was successful in raising a traffic barrier that caused Carter to launch his motorcycle into a traffic gate. By the time Theora Jones made it to the accident site, only the wreckage remained; Carter had vanished.

He was in the hands of Bryce Lynch and chairman Grossman

Max Headroom is an entertainment figure created in 1985 at the behest of UK's Channel Four.